Today a Reader;Tomorrow a  Leader Student life is the time of learning. Our school library occupies a very important place in among students. Besides the Course book our library holds many Story books, Biographies, Novels, Inspirational Books and Brain twisting books authored by highly sophisticated writers. With its books suited to the interests and aptitude of students of different age group, with its magazines, periodicals, news papers and with its calm and tranquil atmosphere it has a special call to the students who go there and quench their thirst for reading the material which cannot be provided to them in the class room. Here they find an environment which is conductive to the building up of habit of self learning. The library has got very wholesome effect over the work of school.


  • The library increases students’ vocabulary, quickens their intelligence and extends their general knowledge.
  • It enables the students to prepare themselves to take part in the various co-curricular activities of the school.
  • They get information which is very helpful to them in taking part in debates, giving lectures.
  • It broadens their outlook by placing a vast sphere of information before them.


Interests differ, aptitudes vary, and individual capacities present a wide variation in students’ reading capacities. In our library each has what he wants, each goes at the speed to which his capabilities allow him to go. Hence our library become, a common platform upon which all students meet on a common level with equal opportunities. It is the nucleus of the school environment, the center of the intellectual activities of the school.